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Frequently Asked Questions about Automotiveinet's Website Designing & Online Advertising/Marketing Services:

Here are a few questions that will help you understand more about our Website design and online marketing services. Please feel free to call us directly at 919-920-1800 with any further questions or to get a quick, free Website & online marketing consultation.

How long has Automotiveinet been in business?

Automotiveinet was founded in 2004 by a local auto business owner, frustrated by overpriced and ineffective Yellow Page advertising as well as the lack of coverage and exposure for local auto businesses online. He combined his lifelong experience as an auto professional and 40+ years as an auto salvage yard, auto collision repair shop, and independent car dealership owner, with his computer science degree and passion for marketing to create one of the most unique and specialized Website design and marketing companies in the industry.

What distinguishes Automotiveinet from other local Website design and Internet marketing companies?

We understand the Automotive Industry! With 40+ years of automotive experience guiding our computer science and marketing expertise, Automotiveinet offers a unique perspective & advantage that no other Website design and Internet marketing company can match when building and managing your company's Internet success. Because we only design Websites and marketing for automotive related companies, we are able to do it more efficiently and effectively!

Can I cancel my plan at anytime?

Yes. We do not require long term contracts or commitments so you can upgrade or cancel your Website package at anytime. We are confident that once you experience the great results that we produce, you will want to utilize our services for years to come, however if you are not satisfied with the results that your company is getting you may also cancel at anytime without hidden fees or penalties!

How long does it take to get my new Website and online marketing up and running?

Length of the designing process may vary depending on several factors but will typically take from 7-21 business days from your company’s signup date.

How long before I begin seeing results?

Typically it takes a few weeks for new Websites to propagate throughout the Internet and begin moving up the search engine ranks. Referrals and Links from business listings and advertising on Automotiveinet’s Online Guides and Directories begin immediately because their rankings are already established.

How do I know that my Automotiveinet services are working?

When we initially consult with you on your Website and overall Internet presence, we help to establish a benchmark for your current online exposure. We then judge how much progress that we make as far as search engine rankings, increased traffic to your Website, and total Internet exposure through our online auto guides and directories as well as social media networking utilizing Website traffic statistics and relative “keyword” search phrases for your products and services against those benchmarks. These are a few indicators that you are getting more online exposure, however, they only tell part of the story. The most important metrics are the “Real World” stats such as increased phone calls, more walk-in traffic and actual increased sales of your products and services. The positive results that you will actually see in your company’s bottom line.

Automotiveinet is one of the top Website designers, developers, SEO & Internet marketing companies for Auto Salvage Yards, Junk Yards, Used Auto Parts Stores, Auto Body Shops, Garages & Mechanic Shops, Towing & Wrecker Companies, Auto Clubs & Industry Organizations in the US! Automotiveinet specializes in powerful but affordable Website designs, marketing and improving Google and search engine rankings for the Auto Recycling and Auto Repair Industries. Automotiveinet has over 40 years of auto industry experience along with extensive computer science and marketing education and training that make Automotiveinet the best Website design company for auto salvage yards and auto repair shops!

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